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Echo Character Sheet

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:07 PM

FULL NAME: High Lady Citra Ushasati
  MEANING: An echo or reflection, her second name is the name of her sword, 'dawning of truth'
  NICKNAME: Echo (in English)
  RESIDENCE: Elaan, Galactic Confederation--previously Solaris III (aka Earth)
  AGE APPEARANCE: Mid-late 20s
  SPECIES: tel'Kiira/Kheran hybrid
  GENDER: Female
  KIDS: None
  OCCUPATION: Security/Intelligence expert, unofficial "Bladesinger"


  HAIR COLOR: Indigo
  HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Long, worn in many braides, befitting her status & rep as a warrior
  EYES COLOR: Vivid azure blue
  HEIGHT: 6'2", can vary due to innate meta-talents
  ABNORMALITIES: None obvious
  DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES etc.): Has various tribal tattoos down one side of her body,
with some abstract designs and other specific designs. (Though that can change due to her meta-
morphic nature--she can change into different humanoid female forms...)
  SELF CARE (MAKE UP): Wears some makeup, to set off her unusually bright blue eyes, keeps it simple and nice.
  FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Depends on the form/shape she's wearing at the time. In her own/true form,
she's stunningly beautiful. But she typically tones that form down for 'daily wear'--becoming more averagely
pretty, which is what she's more comfortable with and finds much easier to blend into the populace. She
tends to dress incomfortable, stylish clothing and accessories that doesn't stand out too much, due to her
line of work as a intel/security specialist.
  SKIN COLOR: Fair, light olive
  BODY TYPE/BUILD: Very fit, muscular/toned
  PIERCINGS: Ears, possible one or two others
  DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Pleasant, slightly 'smokey' contralto or mezzo
  WEAPON OF CHOICE: Staff, sword--specifically the Kheran Kusar sword, Ushasati, a Level Eight mineral intelligence.


  ..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Quiet, taciturn and a little wary. Observant and curious. A little cautious or
uncertain around strangers. She's a fascinating tapestry of a woman, whom one might want to get to know--if
she'll warm up to one. Seems rather cerebral and intellectual, a people watcher and a keen observer and analyst
of everything around her. It seems as though very little misses her gaze.

  ..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): She's a generally likable, loyal friend--if a little distant
and touch-me-not--who'll be there for her few, closer friends and few more acquaintances. She'll fight at their
side and put her security and intel analysist expertise to use on their behalf. She'll bust down walls and do
what she can for her friends and even their friends...if they're good people, because it's the right thing to
do, and if she comes calling, looking for help with something, she'll expect those folks to do the same for her
and others in their network of friends--becuase that's what good people do for each other.

  ..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): She will likely be very prickly and tell them -exactly-
what she thinks of what they're thinking, and all they're wierd little fetishes and quirks, she'll do so in
public and in a way that'll be most utterly embarassing way possible. She really -doesn't- like hurting
people, but if they push her buttons and irritate her too far, they'll find out just how prickly and thorny
a psychic she can really be!

  POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Curious, analytical, observant and highly intelligent. Pragmatic and very
independent. Driven, determined and effecient, she trusts her own insticts, insights and reasoning over
groupthink and is not susceptable to peer pressure. She often thinks outside the box and finds unorthodox
ways of doing things that may seem to be intuitive leaps of logic that can astound her colleagues.

  NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Doesn't trust easily. Doesn't like being touched by strangers. Oft rather
impatient with authority, hierarchies and bureaucracy. Not much of a "team-player" and can seem cool and
aloof, even to close friends--when in fact, as a very strong psychic, she's almost hyper-sensitive and
holds her own emotions in check and can neglect the small, social rituals that seem to put others at ease.
To her, small talk and such are simply a waste of time and energy.

  FAVORITE COLOR: Blue, black.
  FAVORITE FOOD: Fish--baked or grilled, never-ever fried
  FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dragons. Cats. She can't choose.
  LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: Bright, warm colours. Pink.
  LEAST FAVORITE ANIMAL: Canines. Especially small, noisy ones.
  HOBBIES: Drumming and dancing/parkour allows her to fully express her emotions and get them and those she
feels from others out of her system in a controlled, constructive manner.
  USUAL MOOD: Calm. Collected.
  DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: Drinks yes. The others? No.
  OPINION ON SWEARING: She swears when it will have a measurable impact.
  MUSIC TYPE: Varies with mood.
  COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: Cool or warm temperate climates.
  SLEEPING PATTERN: Nocturnal, 4 hours average for her people
  DESIRED PET: Felines. Dracoforms.
  HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: She works for a group known as the Illuminati, as a security/intel expert rather than
as a costumed 'superhero' or vigilante, though she does often work along side such people in her daily job duties.
When not working, she enjoys studying languages, history and anthropology.
  FEARS: Being beautiful (her true appearance, given that she's an empathic/psychic metamorph).
  DRUNK TYPE: Philosophical. Quiet. Reflective and very insightful. Overly honest with others
about what she really thinks and can often give unsolicted, but sage advice she'd otherwise not
  DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Yes. She has broken unjust, unfair and pointless
laws to do what is right. She'll do it again.


  HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Shy, slowly growing and blooming like a flower.
  GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Graceful, but a little awkward and shy.
  GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Slow burn.
  TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: Uncertain, hopeing for true love, but pragmatic enough to know
one may have to test the waters with a few here and there to find it, maybe where/when one's not
expecting to do so.
  WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Thoughtful, useful and practical.
  TYPE OF KISSER: Shy and sincere, gentle.
  ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Outwaredly no, inwardly a little bit.
  HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Gentle, considerate, affectionate
  TOYS?: Not really, unless you count an ice cube or three.
  FETISHES: It has something to do with silk...
  S+M: No
  FAVORITE POSITION: If you knew me well enough, you'd not have to ask. I might have more than one.
  OPINION ON SEX: An extension and expresssion of affection and emotion. One can have sex with a
dear friend with whom one shares an attraction that is completely different than what one shares with
a lover. It is something that comes in many shades and flavours and can be honourably shared if one
is honest and open with those one shares it with. The key is honesty and communication and trusting
one's partners to be and do the same.

Profile/Character Sheet: :iconmavrosh:

  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Eating: Chicken Fried Rice
  • Drinking: Sparkletts


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